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One of Twenty Stone Inscriptions of Longmen Grottoes—inscription on a votive shrine made by Wang Yuanxie in honour of his father
In the 4th year of Emperor Xuanwu, Northern Wei Dynasty (507)

Conservation and Exhibition planning: Displaying ancient Chinese painting and calligraphy with Ms Angela W.S.Liu

Date:Saturday, 11 June 2016
Time: 15:00-16:30
Venue: 1/F, Fung Ping Shan Building, University Museum and Art Gallery, HKU
Language: English
Cost: Free. All are welcome.
Enquiries: Elena Cheung at or 2241 5512

Valuable ancient literati painting and Calligraphy of Jin, Tang, Song and Yuan Dynasties spanning over centuries, together with dynastic successions and upheavals, are regarded as priceless national treasures in China. The State Administration of Cultural Heritage on mainland China set up in 2003 is responsible for overseeing the protection of cultural heritage, including these national treasures. The Administration has formulated and implemented comprehensive policies against any adverse changes in macro-climate, malpractice and human vandalism, as well as unpredicted circumstances. One of the policies drawn up in 2005 was to strictly regulate the requirements and conditions for national treasures on loan for exhibitions in other countries. Museums are required to observe the rules and guidelines on the display and delivery logistics when borrowing the treasures. A decade ago, the Hong Kong Museum of Art borrowed 32 items of ancient literati painting and calligraphy from the Palace Museum in Beijing for the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the handover of Hong Kong to China. Both museums went through a lengthy but productive conversation around the planning, transportation logistics and the mounting of the national treasures. Proposals and plans for various issues were extensively covered and reviewed, such as the delivery means and the alternative transportation route in view of any emergency and unexpected crises; specifications of the humidity controlled crates and the packing requirements; security of the exhibits during the delivery and display; environmental control and monitoring, and so on. An introduction of the entire proposals and measures employed in the past and present to provide a risk-free platform for showcasing the paintings will be highlighted in the talk.

Ms. Angela W.S.LIU is the Curator of the Conservation Office, Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD), HKSAR, overseeing the conservation projects of   prints and photographs, historical documents, paintings and textiles. Ms. Liu is the fellow of the International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (IIC)*, specializing in conservation and preservation of Chinese paintings and calligraphies. She was a research fellow of the Freer Gallery of Art of the Smithsonian Institute and an intern of the Hirayama Studio of the British Museum in 2003 and 2000, respectively. She graduated from the University of Northumbria, UK with a master degree in preventive conservation after receiving a formal training in paper conservation in London. Over the past twenty years, she has been the conservator in-charge for many blockbuster exhibitions in the Museum of Art.

*Founded in 1950 and based in London, the International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (IIC) is an internationally acclaimed conservation organization supported by individual and institutional members worldwide, and serves to provide a communication platform with the mission of advancing professional standards for cultural heritage preservation through conferences, publications, awards and collaboration with museums and other organizations.

To coincide with the "Black Tigers: Special Exhibition of Selected Rubbings from UMAG" exhibition, UMAG will hold a number of guided tours. All are welcome. Please register by clicking on the date:

Cantonese and Putonghua Tours
28.05.2016 (Satuday) 14:00

11.06.2016 (Saturday) 14:00

Joint UMAG Public Programme
French Missionaries and Cultural Exchange Between China and France During the Early Qing Dynasty with Professor Shenwen Li

Date: Tuesday, 31 May 2016
Time: 18:30-20:00
Venue: 1/F, Fung Ping Shan Building, UMAG, HKU
Cost: Free admission. All are welcome
Language: Putonghua
Enquiries: Elena Cheung at or 2241-5512

In 1687, five Royal Mathematicians (皇家數學家), dispatched as missionaries by King Louis XIV, arrived in China. Among them were Joachim Bouvet (白晉) and Jean-François Gerbillon (張誠), who were invited to stay in the court as Imperatorial Study Servants (御前侍讀), as the Kangxi Emperor was particularly fond of western scientific knowledge. From that same group, Jean de Fontaney (洪若翰), Louis le Comte (李明) and Claude de Visdelou (劉應) were given permission to preach across China. After this first mission, the number of French Jesuits coming to China increased, gradually becoming a significant missionary force. These individuals also made great contributions to the level of cultural exchange between China and France. They brought gifts selected by Louis XIV, and Joachim Bouvet, Jean de Fontaney and others returned to France with gifts for King Louis from the Kangxi Emperor, subsequently connecting these two famous monarchs. Furthermore, the missionaries introduced numerous western scientific technologies to China, which broadened Chinas knowledge of France. Their letterssuch as the widely circulated Lettres édifiantes et curieuses (耶穌會士書簡集)and publications that include Louis le Comtes Nouveau mémoire sur l'état présent de la Chine (中國近事報道) introduced Chinese society and culture to France and the whole of Europe. This development also had significant influence on the waves of French Chinoiserie and on the work of Enlightenment thinkers such as Voltaire (伏爾泰) and Montesquieu (孟德斯鳩).

Shenwen Li is Professor in history and Director of the Centre d'études Québec-Chine at Laval University in Quebec, Canada. He specializes in Chinese history and in the multifaceted relationships between China and the Occident during the 17th and 18th centuries. He is a specialist of Jesuit culture and has published extensively on socio-cultural history of the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

La Espina
Raul Anguiano
Oil on Canvas
35 1/2 in x 47 1/2 in

Joint UMAG Public Programme
20th Century Mexican PAintings with Gregorio Luke

Date: Saturday, 4 June 2016
Time: 15:00-16:30
Venue: 1/F, Fung Ping Shan Building, UMAG, HKU
Cost: Free admission. All are welcome
Language: English

In conjunction with the upcoming 20th-century Paintings from the Zapanta Mexican Art Collection Exhibition, we are pleased to announce a lecture by Gregorio Luke on the artists and artistic movements in the show. More information about the event will follow.

Gregorio Luke is an expert on Mexican and Latin American art and culture. Mr. Luke has presented over 1,000 lectures in museums and universities throughout Mexico, Europe and the United States, at institutions such as the Library of Congress, The Smithsonian Institution, the San Diego Museum of Art, the Detroit Institute of Art, and at universities such as Harvard, Columbia and Georgetown, among others.

He is the former Director of the Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach, former Consul of Cultural Affairs of Mexico in Los Angeles and the First Secretary of the Embassy of Mexico in Washington D.C.

In 1995, Luke was honoured with the Irving Leonard Award by the Hispanic Society of the Library of Congress.  In 2005, The Ebell Club of Los Angeles honoured him with a Lifetime Achievement Award. In 2006, he received the El Angel Award by the Bilingual Foundation of the Arts and in 2007 he was recognized by CATE (California Association of Teacher’s in English) for promoting literacy in public schools.

In 2008 Mr Luke received the Local Hero Award of KCET.

To coincide with the "The Art of Takashi Wakamiya: Contemporary Japanese Lacquer" exhibition, UMAG will hold a number of activities. All are welcome. For public guided tours (around 25 minutes), please register by clicking on the date.

19.03.2016 (Saturday) 14:00
09.04.2016 (Saturday) 15:30
30.04.2016 (Saturday) 15:30
07.05.2016 (Saturday) 15:00
28.05.2016 (Saturday) 15:00
18.06.2016 (Saturday) 15:00

07.04.2016 (Thursday) 13:30
16.04.2016 (Saturday) 15:30
07.05.2016 (Saturday) 15:30
18.06.2016 (Saturday) 16:00

24.03.2016 (Thursday) 13:30
28.04.2016 (Thursday) 13:30
28.05.2016 (Saturday) 15:30
18.06.2016 (Saturday) 15:30

Due to enthusiastic response, UMAG will hold additional public guided visits for "Nestorian Crosses of the Yuan Dynasty" re-installation. All are welcome.

Cantonese and Putonghua Tours
Time: 13:00 (approximately 30 minutes)
Cantonese 13:00-13:30
Putonghua 13:30-14:00
Day: Tuesday
5 January 2016 Cantonese Putonghua
2 February 2016 Cantonese Putonghua
1 March 2016 Cantonese Putonghua
5 April 2016 Cantonese Putonghua
3 May 2016 Cantonese Putonghua
7 June 2016 Cantonese Putonghua

English Tours
Time: 13:00-13:30
Day: Wednesday
6 January 2016
2 March 2016
4 May 2016

Fee: Free
Registration: Online registration will be available from now until 3 working days before the guided visit.


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